New ‘Take2’ broadcast joining KHON’s morning lineup

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A new live broadcast is coming to KHON's morning lineup next Monday with a different approach to news. Take2, a one-hour show airing at 8 a.m., will replace Living 808, which moves to a new 4 p.m. timeslot starting Sept. 18.

What's new? The show will bring a new look, for one. But more than that, Take2 will deliver expanded coverage of top stories in Hawaii. "This is still primarily a news show, but a lighter version," says producer and editor Kerry Yoshida. "We’ll take the stories that will affect our viewers most, and do a deep dive into the story. If that calls for a specialist or an expert to come in for an interview, we’ll make it happen. It’ll be much more comprehensive than a headline."

Viewers will get expert tips on car maintenance, home improvement, personal finance, even gardening and cooking — "information that you could really use," Yoshida says. Dr. Kalani Brady will be on hand to provide medical advice. Aside from the latest weather info, viewers will get previews of the coming weekend, with the latest in entertainment and the best beaches to hit.

Hosting Take2 will be KHON’s high-energy personalities, news anchor Kristine Uyeno and weather anchor Kelly Simek. The duo currently anchor KHON’s Wake Up 2 Day newscast.

Look for Take2 beginning 8 a.m. next Monday!