Five beachy beers to enjoy on a rainy day

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By Will McGoughSpecial to Frolic Hawaii

Legally speaking, you can’t drink at the beach in Hawaii. That doesn’t mean there aren’t beers with beachy personalities – brews you can drink on a rainy day when you’re dreaming of the surf and sand. When you crave a beach day, reach for one of these and be instantly transported.



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Sandy Beach – Skinny Jeans IPA, Waikiki Brewing Co.

At Sandy’s, we need something to lap up that identifies with the beach’s infamous shore break. The Skinny Jeans IPA has enough hops to provide a respectable slap of bitterness, which you will no doubt enjoy from the comfort of the shore as you watch the bodyboarders. It was just released in cans this month, so look for it at grocery stores and bottle shops.


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Lanikai Beach – Pia Mahiai Honey Citrus Saison, Honolulu Beerworks

Anything from Lanikai Brewing Co would be a good answer here, but that’d be too easy. Lanikai’s normally calm, serene water means you need a beer that’s equally as mellow. The Pia Mahiai Honey Citrus Saison from Honolulu Beerworks fits the bill, brewed with locally grown oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and lemongrass, bringing out pungent citrus to go along with a touch of allspice, clove, and pepper from the saison yeast. You can fill a growler of it at Honolulu Beerworks.


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Kaimana Beach – Blonde, Aloha Brewing Co.

Kaimana Beach’s location adjacent to the Waikiki Natatorium means you need to slug something with a little bit of history behind it. No Oahu-based brewery has more heritage than Aloha Brewing Co, and no style of craft beer is made to cool off quite like the blonde. You can grab a growler at Aloha Brewing Co. in Kakaako.


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Sunset Beach – Big Swell IPA, Maui Brewing Co.

It’s getting closer to big wave season, and there’s no better beer for big waves than Maui Brewing Co.’s Big Swell IPA. It comes with a big, bitter bite and tropical, floral-tasting hops that pair nicely with Sunset’s combination of beauty and power.


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Yokohama Beach – Golden Sabbath, Big Island Brewhaus

Yokohama is a great place to catch a golden sunset, so you need a beer that matches the sun’s relaxing effects. The Golden Sabbath is a Belgian-style ale brewed with local honey. Its golden color goes great with the sunset, as does its mellow, smooth delivery of soft plum and apricot flavors. At 8.5% alcohol, it is bound to add a whimsical twist to a sandy sunset. It is available at grocery stores and bottle shops in 22-ounce bottles.